In case you missed it – Nursing and Racism

There seems to have been a glitch in our June 16th post titled “Nursing and Racism: Are We Part of the Problem, Part of the Solution, or Perhaps Both?” So just in case you missed it, follow this link to view, and please add your thoughts and comments to this important challenge!

One thought on “In case you missed it – Nursing and Racism

  1. Peggy, Thank you so much for this very thoughtful and through provoking blog. I do think that at least some nursologists are part of the solution but how we convey that in our conceptual models and theories (just as how do we convey decolonizing) is a major challenge. I suspect it is not as simple as indicating that the conceptual model is applicable to everyone, including Black persons. The work done by Hampton University School of Nursing PhD students is instructive, as the focus of the PhD program is Black families. Some of the students have used the Neuman Systems Model (NSM) to guide their dissertation research, so there is at least a slight indication that the NSM is relevant for study of Black families. Lots more work to do!

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