New Book Released by the Society of Rogerian Scholars

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The Society of Rogerian Scholars is thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking literary achievement with the release of Evolving Rogerian Nursing Science: John R. Phillips’ Unique Contributions. This anthology compiles Phillips’ seminal publications spanning 1990 to 2023, tracing the remarkable evolution of the science of unitary human beings, under the guidance of the foremost Rogerian scholar of our time. A close confidant of Dr. Martha Rogers, Phillips has ventured into the farthest realms of this scientific exploration. As an enriching bonus, readers will also discover Dr. Rogers’ influential 1992 article, “Nursing Science and the Space Age,” featured in the Appendix, complemented by an insightful epilogue specially crafted by Phillips for this anthology.   Dr. Marlaine Smith, President of the Society of Rogerian Scholars, expressed, “John Phillips’ scholarship and unwavering commitment to the Science of Unitary Human Beings is a timeless gift to both Nursing and humanity. His publications lay the foundation for a cosmology that bridges the past and the future, aligning with the ever-expanding global worldview.” Reflecting on the anthology’s creation, she added, “Our gratitude is immeasurable for the project leadership of Violet Malinski and the devotion and enthusiasm of the Resource Development Committee, including Patricia Bartzak, Howard Butcher, Jane Flanagan, Dorothy Jones, Dorothy Larkin and Sean Reed, who diligently assembled the works of Dr. Phillips into this remarkable anthology.”   In Evolving Rogerian Nursing Science, readers will embark on an unparalleled intellectual journey that delves into the heart of nursing science’s transformative evolution. The anthology not only celebrates the visionary ideas of John R. Phillips but also pays homage to the enduring legacy of Rogerian scholarship.  

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