Just announced – Virtual Conference of the Society for the Advancement of Modeling and Role Modeling – October 18-20, 2023

The 18th SAMRAM conference will be held virtually October 18-20, 2023 with the theme “Bridging World Views: Inclusion, Partnership and Collective Wisdom”. You can see the detailed program now, and registration is open! Information about this conference is listed under the “Future Events” menu above.

Once the conference ends, we will retain information about the conference for the historical record on the Nursology.net record of past events that have focused on the development of nursing knowledge that have taken place since the establishment of Nursology.net in September, 2018.  These  important events:

  • Acknowledge the importance of nursing theory and the knowledge of the discipline;
  • Inspir future development of knowledge in the discipline; and
  • Addressed ways to communicate all dimensions of nursing knowledge for the future.

We are delighted that nursing knowledge-development conferences are now reappearing after the lull that was created during the pandemic! Some events are happening in person, but many, including the SAMRAM conference in October, are applying many lessons learned during the pandemic, and including, or shifting to virtual events that can be accessed from any physical location with access to the internet!

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