2020 – May 29 – 31 – 19th Biennial International Conference on Humanbecoming – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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THEME – Living Quality


Abstracts for podium and poster presentations are being accepted for the 19th Biennial International Conference on Humanbecoming, which will be held at the Gateway Center (#2), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  The theme of the conference is Living Quality and is being held on May 29 – 31, 2020.

This conference will provide a forum for showcasing humanbecoming paradigm guided projects in podium and poster presentations, the poster presented are also invited to present their poster in a rapid-fire oral presentation session.  Participants are invited to submit an abstract relevant to the use of the humanbecoming paradigm in sciencing or living the art of humanbecoming, emerging conceptualizations, or other models emerging from the humanbecoming paradigm (teaching-learning, leading-following, mentoring, family and community).

  • Abstracts for completed research studies should include: Title, purpose, phenomenon of interest, research     question, participants, method, and findings.
  • Abstracts for research in progress should include: Title, purpose, conceptualization of phenomenon, and research method.
  • Abstracts for presentations about humanbecoming guided projects and other scholarly work should include: Title, purpose of the presentation, project summary, and conclusions.

Please submit the following to Dr. Steve Baumann @ sbaumann@hunter.cuny.edu by: December 1, 2019.

  • The completed information below.
  • Two abstracts: One version that includes the name of author(s), credentials, and agency affiliation; one version     without the name of author(s), credentials, and agency affiliation.
  • Abstracts must be in the following format: Microsoft Word, double-spaced, 300 words or less (excluding author information), 12-font Arial or Times New Roman, standard 8.5” x 11” page, 1-inch margins.

A confirmation email will be sent once an abstract is received.  Applicants will be informed of accepted abstracts by January 10, 2020. Those chosen to present a rapid-fire podium poster presentation will be expected to present at the podium (5-10 minutes) and also be present at their display during the poster session.

Continued this year:  This Conference will be held immediately following the Institute of Humanbecoming-2020.

                                      Save on your travel fees by attending both events!!