2023-October 18-20: Society for the Advancement of Modeling & Role‑Modeling – Virtual

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Theme: Bridging Worldviews: Inclusion, Partnership, and Collective Wisdom



  • Create partnerships to promote collective wisdom and facilitate healing, health, and well-being through understanding diverse client worldviews and cultural perspectives.
  • Provide a forum on diverse worldviews based on Modeling and Role-Modeling theory holistic nursing concepts.
  • Disseminate knowledge and application of Modeling and Role-Modeling holistic nursing theory acquired through research, practice, and teaching.
  • Inspire best practices, education and research grounded in holistic relationship-centered nursing across populations and cultures.


This exciting program will include individual sessions as well as panels that discuss issues relevant to creating collaborative partnerships among individuals and communities that experience different values and worldviews. Invited speakers will address issues relevant to building bridges among worldviews and cultural perspectives, facilitating health, wellness, and wellbeing, and fostering collective wisdom. Conference participants will engage and network with their colleagues throughout the conference.

Everyone is invited who is interested in exploring different worldviews, holistic based nursing practice, learning how to be intentional and purposeful in their nursing practice, gaining a better understanding of how to use Modeling and Role-Modeling theory to practice holistically, seeking contact hours for application or recertification requirements for national holistic nursing and nurse coach certification, or wanting to further explore the need to embrace inclusivity and diversity in nursing practice, education, and research.

Featured on the program

This program highlights the utilization and implications of using holistic nursing theory, Modeling and Role-Modeling, in Nursing practice, education, and research. Keynote presentations, panels and sessions are offered to provide insight and awareness into different worldviews and lived experiences of different communities and populations. The intent is that participants can be more intentional, purposeful, and aware of and inclusive as practicing nurses, regardless of the setting or population.

This is a live virtual conference. However, all recordings will be available for 6 months after the conference for everyone who is registered and unable to attend the entire conference or would like to go back and watch the presentations again.

Panels will explore Holistic Nursing Theory within different realms: Practice, Education, Research and Simulation lab. Featured speakers include:

Dr. Helen Erickson
Dr. Debra Rose Wilson
David Shields
Dr. Deb Shields
Dr. Margaret Erickson