1969 – 1970 – University of Kansas Nursing Theory Conferences

Information provided by Jacqueline Fawcett
August 29, 2018

Dates – First Conference–March 20-21, 1969; Second Conference-October 9-10, 1969; Third Conference-January 29-30, 1970

Location: University of Kansas Medical Center Department of Nursing Education, Kansas City, KS

Organizers: Martha Pitel (Co-PI), Margery A. Duffey, Ada J. Jacox, Ingeborg G. Mauksch, Juanita F. Murphy, Betty R. Steward, Catherine M. Norris (PI).
The conferences were supported by a grant from the United States Public Health Service, Division of Nursing, Research Grant No. NU00309.

Purposes of the conferences: The conferences focused on answers to three questions: What is theory development in nursing? What theories are useful for nursing? and Does nursing need a theoretical base?

Attendees: Faculty from various universities in the United States.

Description:  The conferences featured paper presentations, group discussions, reaction panels. critiques and paper author responses.

First conference: Papers presented by Dr. Ingeborg Mauksch, Ada Jacox, Ellamae Branstetter, Dr. Margaret Kaufmann, Dr. Hildegard Peplau, Dorothy McLeod, and Jeanne C. Quint, with a summary by Dr. Hans Mauksch.

Second conference: Papers presented by Dr, Milton Meux, Donne Diers and Mimi Dye, Lillian Pierce, Shirley Smoyak

Third conference: Papers presented by Dr. Rosemary Ellis, Bonnie Bullough, and Loretta Zderad, with a summary by Dr. Hans Mauksch.

Publications and Proceedings: 

Proceedings, First Nursing Theory Conference 1969 (Table of Contents)
Proceedings, Second Nursing Theory Conference, 1969 (Table of Contents)
Proceedings, Third Nursing Theory Conference, 1970 (Table of Contents)

All proceedings published by the University of Kansas Medical Center Department of Nursing Education.