1988 – “From Theory to Practice”: The Second Nursing Theory Congress

Contributor: Adeline Falk-Rafael (with thanks to Dorothea Fox Jakob)
Dates: August 23, 24, 25, 1988
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Sponsored by the Ryerson School of Nursing

Linda Cooper, R.N.,M.S.
Susan Munro, R.N.,B.AA.(Nursing)
Baerbel Anderson, R.N.,M.S.N.
Marilynn Booth, R.N.,M.Sc.N.
Judith Britnell, R.N.,M.S.
Carol Eifert, R.N.,M.A.
Carol Fine, R.N.,M.H.Sc.
Barbara Hanis, R.N.,M.H.Sc.
Bonnie Hartley, R.N.,M.Sc.N.
Judith Pearce, R.N.,M.Sc.(A)
Susanne Williams, R.N.,M.Ed.


To promote the understanding, development and application of nursing theory, and bring together practitioners, administrators and scholars from all areas of nursing


In addition to the those notable nursing leaders mentioned below, nursing scholars in research, education, and practice presented in the concurrent sessions.

Description of the Program

The conference opened the evening of the August 23rd with a keynote address by Carol Lindeman who spoke on “Nursing Theory: Elitism or Realism in 1988” The next 2 days followed a pattern of plenary sessions in the morning and concurrent sessions in the afternoon that explored the use of nursing theories in practice, administration, education, and research (all abstracts are included in the conference proceedings)

Nursing leaders and theorists included Virginia Henderson, Jean Watson, Patricia Moccia, Marjory Gordon (Interface of nursing theory and nursing diagnosis), and Rosemarie Rizzo Parse. On the final day, a plenary session panel discussed “The impact of nursing theory on the profession”. The panel was moderated by Phyllis Kritek and panel members were Kathleen Arpin, Gine Browne, Marjory Gordon, Marian McGee, and Rosemarie Rizzo Parse.