1988 – The State of the Discipline

Information provided by Jacqueline Fawcett
August 31, 2018

Date: September 23-25, 1988

Location: Cleveland, OH

Organizers:  Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing at Case Western Reserve University in association with Sigma Theta Tau

Purpose: To discuss the state of our discipline.

Attendees: Faculty, doctoral students, nurse administrators

Description: Program featured the following paper and poster presentations (PDF of Presentations and Posters):

Paper Presentations:
Dr. June F. Kikuchi and Dr. Helen Simmons: The Domain of Nursing Knowledge: A Philosophic Inquiry in its Structure
Dr. Dixie Koldjeski: Structuring Nursing Knowledge by Components
Dr. Pamela J. Salsberry: Models of Explanation for Nursing
Dr. Margaret A. Newman: The Influence of Paradigm and Level of Reality on the Formation of Essential Questions n Nursing
Dr. Leslie N. Nicoll: Research Method in Nursing: Borrowed or Unique?
Dr. Gerri S. Lamb: The Disciplinary Adequacy of Borrowed Theories
Dr. Jeanne Quint Benoliel: Healing Environments and Women in Transition: An Issue for Nursing
Mary Carol Ramos: An Optimistic Approach to Evaluation of our Discipline

Poster Presentations
Dr. Edwardine Baznik, Bobbie Evans, Marion Good, Pamela J. Lawrence, Shirley M. Moore, Katherine Rapacz: The Development of Knowledge for the Discipline of Nursing
Jodi Brucia: The Sheppard-Towner Act of 1921: For the Promotion of Maternal and Infant Health, A Continuing Legacy
Dr. Laura Cox Dzurec: Expanding the Horizon of Nursing Knowledge: The Impact of a Paradigm Shift on the State of the Discipline
Judith Kimchi, Barbara Polivka, Dr. Joanne S. Stevenson: Triangulation in Nursing Research
Dr. Amy L. Lynesss: Accumulating Nursing Knowledge Resources Through Structural Approaches
Dr. Nancy M. Ryan: Inadequacy of Current Stress-Coping Theory for Nursing Care of Children
Dr. Norma Jean Schmieding: The Analysis of the Patient’s Immediate Experience Through the Use of Orlando’s Theory