2000:  Second European Nursing Theory Conference in Scandinavia: Critical Appraisal: Nursing Theories in Practice, Education and Research

Information provided by Jacqueline Fawcett
August 31, 2018

Date: May 18-20, 2000

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Organizers: Sponsored by the Swedish National Society for Nursing Theories in Practice, Education and Research and the Swedish Society of Nursing
Scientific Committee Members: Dr. Kerstin Hjelm-Karlsson, Christel Glans, Gerthrud Oslinder, Dr. Birgitta Engstom, Dr. Ania Willman

Attendees: Nurses from various countries, including Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, Estonia, Scotland, Australia, Canada, United States of America

Purpose: To discuss developments in nursing knowledge

Description: Keynote addresses, podium presentations, poster presentations; panel discussion by keynote speakers:

Keynote addresses:
Dr. Jacqueline Fawcett: The State of Nursing Science: Where is the Nursing in the Science?
Dr. Afaf I. Meleis: Situation-Specific Theories: Source and Resource for Clinical Practice
Dr. Elizabeth A. M. Barrett: Health Patterning: Rogers’ Science Guided Nursing Practice
Dr. Marit Kirkevold: Putting Nursing Theories in Discursive Context–A Critique of Dominant History-Insensitive Approach

Podium presentations:
Patricia Thornburg: The Experience of Waiting for Undelivered Mothers
Marie Berg: Pregnancy and Diabetes–Optimal Nursing Analysed by the Sauc Model for Confirming Nursing
Maya Shaha: The Dasein of Colon Cancer–An Ontological Study
Jennifer Newton: Exploring the Congruency of Carper’s Ways of Knowing with Student Nurses’ Use in Practice
Kerstin Gebru: Culture Congruent Nursing Care in Nursing Education
Ella Danielsson; Nursing Students’ Descriptions of Nursing
Maj-lis Norrman: A Diaconal Caring Model in Nursing
Martha Rogers (from York University n Canada): The Nursing Soul: A Theoretical Analysis and Synthesis
Peter Wimpenny: Practitioners’ Perspectives of Nursing Models
Martha Rogers (from York University n Canada): Transformative Learning: Understanding and Facilitating the Learning and Use of Nursing Theories in Practice

Poster presentations:
Ching-eng Hsieh Wong: Asian Seniors Describe Life in Subsidized Housing in the United States
Lisbeth Fagerstrom: The Patient’s Caring Needs as Problems, Needs and Desires
Anna Eneke: Rogerian Framework–Two Human Beings Experiences of Being Burned
Patricia Rapley: Self-Efficacy Theory of Heuristic of General and Specific Efficacy Beliefs
Mary Kirkpatrick and Dixie Koldjeski: An Expanding Caring Paradigm for the New Millenium
Barbro Gustafsson: The SAUC Model for Confirming Nursing Analysed Through Meleis’s Framework
Carol Windsor: The Role of Nursing Theory
Wiliam R. Whetstone: Unitary Pattern Appreciation: Case Study Method for Teaching Community Health Nursing
Ulle Psukar adn Rita Raudsepp: Evaluation of Nurses’ Work in the ICU Using Therapeutic Intervention Scoring System
Birgitta Andershed and B-M. Ternestedt: To Know, To Be, To Do–Involvement of Relatives in the Care of the Dying
Eva Elmberger: A Transition Period of a Cancer Experience

Publications: Keynote speaker biographic material was published in Theoria: Journal of Nursing Theory, Vol., 9, No. 2, 2000.

Dr. Elizabeth Barrett — pp. 12-14
Dr. Jacqueline Fawcett — pp. 14-16
Dr. Marit Kirkevold — pp. 17-18
Dr. Afaf I. Meleis — pp. 19-21