Photos – Case Western Reserve Nursing Theory Conference March 21-22, 2019


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Opening session speakers (L to R) Joyce Fitzpatrick, Peggy Chinn, Mary Jane Smith, Marlaine Smith, Callista Roy, Pamela Reed

Opening panel: Pamela Reed at the microphone; Joyce Fitzpatrick, Mary Jan Smith, Marlaine Smith, Callista Roy

Patrick with ANS

Patrick Palmieri with ANS 42:1, featuring papers developed for the conference

Elizabeth Barrett

Mary Antonelli breakout session.

Rosemary Eustace breakout session


Peggy Chinn delivering keynote address

Pamela Grace

Mary Jane Smith

Marlaine Smith

Laura Dzurec

Jean Watson

Jane Hopkins-Walsh

Dorothy Jones

Jacquelyn Fawcett

David Foley

Daniel O’Neill

Callista Roy

American Academy of Nursing Theory-Guided Practice Expert Panel members

Nursology Cookies contributed by Christina Nyirati (prepared by Christina’s daughter)

Rosemary Eustace with Nursology cookie!

Pam Reed (center) with Chloe Olivia Rose Littzen (L) and Carrie Langley (R), PhD students at the University of Arizona College of Nursing

Joyce Fitzpatrick with Daniel O’Neill

Elizabeth Barrett with Edwin-Nikko R. Kabigting, PhD Candidate

PhD student Beth Cunniff with Peggy Chinn

Jessica Dillard-Wright and Jane Hopkins-Walsh

Jane Flanagan, Pam Grace, Dorothy (Dotty) Jones, Danny Willis, Cathy Cuchetti, Sister Callista Roy, Mary Antonelli, Jane Hopkins Walsh ~~Boston College past and present

L-R Jane Hopkins-Walsh, Brandon Brown, Peggy Chinn, Jessica Dillard-Wright, Christina Nyirati

Books from Joyce Fitzpatrick library given to doctoral students attending the conference!

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