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Directory of Nurse Theory/Model Scholars

Abdellah, Faye G – Patient-Centered Nursing

Barnard, Kathryn E. – Barnard’s Child Health Assessment Interaction Theory

Barrett, Elizabeth – Theory of Power as Knowing Participation in Change

Beck, Cheryl Tatano – Middle Range Theory of Traumatic Childbirth: The Ever Widening Ripple Effect

Benner, Patricia – The Primacy of Caring

Boykin, Anne – The Theory of Nursing As Caring

Butterfield, Patricia G. – Butterfield Upstream Model for Population (BUMP) Health Model

Campbell, Lisa – Leveraging Resources Model

Chinn, Peggy L –

Culver, Martha E. – Leveraging Resources Model

Curley, Martha A.Q. – The Synergy Model 

DeSanto-Madeya, Susan – Moving Beyond Dwelling in Suffering

Davidson, Judy – Facilitated Sensemaking

Dossey, Barbara – Theory of Integral Nursing

Duffy, Joanne R. – Quality-Caring Model©

Ellenbecker, Carol Hall – Conceptual Model of Nursing (Nursology) and Population Health

Erickson, Helen – Modeling and Role Modeling

Falk-Rafael, Adeline –

Fawcett, Jacqueline –

Foli, Karen  – Middle Range Theory of Parental Postadoption Depression

Garrett, Bernard M. – An Empirical Framework for Person, Family, Community and Population Centered Care

Georges, Jane – Theory of Emancipatory Compassion for Nursing

Gill, Jessica M. – Society-to-Cells Resilience Theory

Gottlieb, Laurie – Strengths-Based Nursing and Healthcare (SBNH)

Hall, Lydia – Hall’s Care, Core, Cure Theory

Henderson, Virginia – The Nature of Nursing

Im, Eun-Ok – Situation-Specific Theory

Johnson, Dorothy E. –  Johnson Behavioral System Model

Kagan, Paula – Philosophies and Practices of Emancipatory Nursing: Social Justice as Praxis

King, Imogene – King’s Conceptual System

Kolcaba, Katharine – Kolcaba’s Comfort Theory

Leininger, Madeleine – Leininger’s Theory of Culture Care Diversity and Universality

Lenz, Elizabeth R – Theory of Unpleasant Symptoms

Levine, Myra – Levine’s Conservation Model

Luck, Susan – Theory of Integrative Nurse Coaching

McClanahan, Chris – Leveraging Resources Model

Meleis, Afaf Ibrahim –

Mishel, Merle H. – Mishel’s Uncertainly in Illness Theory and Reconceptualized Uncertainty in Illness Theory

Neuman, Betty – Neuman’s Systems Model

Newman, Margaret – Newman’s Theory of Health as Expanding Consciousness 

Nightingale, Florence – Florence Nightingale’s Perspective of Nursology

Orem, Dorothea – Orem’s Self-Care Framework/Self-Care Deficit Theory of Nursing/The Self-Care Nursing Theory/A General Theory of Nursing

Orlando Pelletier, Ida Jean – Orlando’s Theory of the Deliberative Nursing Process

O’Rourke, Maria Williams – O’Rourke Role Based Practice Theory

Parse, Rosemarie Rizzo – Parse’s Theory of Humanbecoming

Paterson, Josephine – Humanistic Nursing

Pender, Nola – Health Promotion in Nursing Practice

Peplau, Hildegard – Peplau’s Theory of Interpersonal Relations

Polifroni, E. Carol –

Pugh, Linda – Theory of Unpleasant Symptoms

Ray, Marilyn (Dee) – Ray’s Theory of Bureaucratic Caring

Reed, Pamela – Self-Transcendence Theory

Rogers, Marha – Rogers’ Science of Unitary Human Beings 

Roy, Sr. Callista – Roy’s Adaptation Model

Russell, Gail – Conceptual Model of Nursing and Health Policy

Sadat-Hoseini,  Akram .  – Conceptual framework of nursing based on Islamic documents

Schaub, Bonney Gulino – Theory of Integrative Nurse Coaching

Schoenhofer, Savina O.  – The Theory of Nursing As Caring

Smith, Marlaine – Philosophies and Practices of Emancipatory Nursing: Social Justice as Praxis

Swain, Mary Ann – Modeling and Role Modeling

Szanton, Sarah L. –  Society-to-Cells Resilience Theory

Tomlin, Evelyn – Modeling and Role Modeling

Travelbee, Joyce – Interpersonal Aspects of Nursing

Turkel, Marian – Transtheoretical Evolution of Ray’s Theory of Bureaucratic Caring

Watson, (Margaret) Jean – Watson’s Theory of Human Caring

Welch, Martylouise – Perspectives on Philosophy of Science in Nursing: An Historical and Contemporary Anthology 

Whitcomb, Kathryn –Leveraging Resources Model

Wiedenbach, Ernestine – Clinical Nursing: A Helping Art

Willis, Danny, Moving Beyond Dwelling in Suffering

Wrubel, Judith – The Primacy of Caring

Zderad, Loretta – Humanistic Nursing