5 – Dual Organizational Application

Contributor: Ellen E. Swanson
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One organization wanted two separate mandalas, one structural and one conceptual.

This interfaith spiritual community adjusted the form as well as the ring definitions for the structural version. The ring definitions are as follows.

Ring 1: Shows the source or deities for seven of the world’s religions.

Ring 2: Shows the prophets and teachers for each of the sources.

Ring 3: Shows the inner resources of the community in the areas of body, mind, and spirit.

Ring 4: Shows the manifestation ring, specifying the committees and programs that speak to each life aspect of the Feng Shui Ba-gua.

Center: Here they chose to adjust the form to a spiral to depict concepts deemed important for the health and balance of the community.
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Note that a person could enter this community at any point with which they resonate, as though a multi-entry labyrinth. They are free to wander all around and learn about any other source and its associated teachings. In the process, they can become acquainted with the inner resources; the community members, the Council of Stewards, and the ministers and healers. When they are ready, they can explore the programs or committees.

The form was adjusted in the fourth ring as well as the center noted above. In each fourth ring life-aspect program or committee, there is a side-window opening to learn about that program or committee. Once the person decides in what program or committee they want to become involved, they go in the door of that life aspect which is nearer the center. This suggests deeper involvement with the content in the spiral in the center. The exploration brings people to the heart of the organization, instead of bringing them to a box. Providing heart entrance and opening is less predictable and riskier than having everything in a neat and tidy box. However, the results can bring increased authentic involvement in the organization as well as the holistic nursing theory concept of unconditional respect.

In the conceptual model the ring definitions are as follows.

Ring 1: Shows seven concepts that are sources of energy.

Ring 2: Shows how each concept could be demonstrated.

Ring 3: Shows the values, mission, and vision statements in the respective body, mind, and spirit segments.

Ring 4: Shows how each life aspect can be manifested conceptually in order to help achieve the contents of the center.

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Both a physician and an addiction professional noted that the mandala makes the conceptual concrete and practical. How do you experience the mandala?

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