7 – Nursing Department and Neuro Unit Mandala Applications

Contributor: Ellen E. Swanson
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A colleague expressed interest in the application of the mandala to her clinical work setting in a hospital neurology unit. We decided to first identify what would be on a mandala application for the entire nursing department of the hospital. We constructed a mandala with specifics for rings 1 and 4. In the nursing department mandala that follows, Ring 1 lists the hospital resources for the nursing department, and Ring 4 the ways the department manifests in each life aspect of the Feng Shui Ba-Gua system. Rings 2 and 3 specify what is to go in each ring without listing the information. This mandala application is shown next.

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Then we tackled the neurology unit mandala application. She felt more certain about the specifics for Rings 2 and 3 on this one, and we were able to put in the details for all the rings. These are shown in the mandala application that follows.

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Just to review, the generic definitions of the uses of each ring are as follows.

Ring 1, the Rainbow Ring — seven resources or sources of energy.

Ring 2: Teaching and learning ring — what each resource or source teaches or contributes.

Ring 3: Inner resources ring — resources available from or applied to the body, mind,and spirit either literally or figuratively (ancient cultures included emotions in the mind arena).

Ring 4 and Center: Manifestation ring – based on the Feng Shui Ba-Gua system and its life aspects.

I found it of interest to study the two mandalas side by side. I looked for patterns and big picture information. I looked for holistic nursing theory concepts. I looked for similarities and differences. And I looked at the center.

Several holistic nursing theory concepts I saw were transpersonal connections, mutuality, colleagues as helpful people, self-care for client and staff, trust, respect, and healing.

What do you see as you study them? What insights come to you about your own workplace as you study them?

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