Student and Early-Career Nursing/Nursology Research: Participant Recruitment Support

If you are a student or early career scholar conducting nursing theory-guided research, and need support for recruitment of participants, will publish a blog announcing your study and providing details about recruitment of participants.

Please read the requirements for submission of your request listed below, and send any questions to us here. Complete the form below to request participant recruitment support; a member of our team will then contact you to review your planned study details.

Requirements for Submission:

  1. Investigator biography and photograph.
  2. The proposed study must include:
    1. IRB approval or exemption
    2. Grounded in the discipline of nursology.
    3. An explicit nursology conceptual and/or theoretical framework. This can be an investigator developed framework (e.g., conceptual framework) OR investigator adapted.
    4. A statement describing how the proposed study contributes to the development of nursing/nursology knowledge.
  3. A blog describing the theoretical focus for the proposed study, and details for your recruitment of participants.
  4. Agreement that after completion of the study, the participant will complete an additional blog on their research findings.

Request for Participant Recruitment Support

Last Updated: 10/09/2021