The Neuman Systems Model Dissertations at Hampton University: Focus on the Black Family

Investigators – Sheila Cannon, Barbara Smith-Johnson, Pamela Clark Ngangana, Darylnet Lyttle, Patrena Cody, Linda Brown, Michael Jones

Project dates – 2002-2020

Location – Hampton University School of Nursing, Hampton, Virginia

Conceptual Model – Neuman Systems Model


A series of seven (7) dissertations conducted by PhD students at Hampton University

Shelia Cannon – Dissertation and Related Publications  

  • Caregiving of African-American Daughters with Aging Parents: Applying Neuman’s Systems Model  (2002) •
    • Jones-Cannon, S., & Davis, B. L. (2005). Coping among African-American daughters caring for aging parents. The Association of Black Nursing Faculty Journal, 16(6), 118-123.
    • Cannon, S., & Fawcett, J. (2018). Correlates of psychological and physical health outcomes among African American caregiving daughters. The Association of Black Nursing Faculty Journal, 29(3), 86-97.

Barbara A. Smith-Johnson :Dissertation and Related Publication

  • Perceived Stress of African American Family Caregivers of Stroke Survivors (2013)
    • Smith-Johnson, B., Davis, B. L., Burns, D., Montgomery, A. J., & McGee, Z. T. (2015). African American wives and perceived stressful experiences: Providing care for stroke survivor spouses.  The Association of Black Nursing Faculty Journal26(2), 39–42.

Pamela Clarke Ngangana: Dissertation  and Related Publication 

  • Intra-family Stressors among Adult Siblings Sharing Caregiving for Parents (2014)
    • Ngangana, P. C., Davis, B. L., Burns, D. P., McGee, Z. T., & Montgomery, A. J. (2016). Intra-family stressors among adult siblings sharing caregiving for parents. Journal of Advanced Nursing72(12), 3169–3181.

Darylnet Lyttle: Dissertation  and Related Publication 

  • The Identification of HIV-Risk Behaviors Among Minority College Students using the Neuman’s Systems Model (2014)
    • Lyttle, D., Montgomery, A. J., Davis, B. L., Burns, D., McGee, Z. T., & Fogel, J. (2018). An exploration using the Neuman Systems Model of risky sexual behaviors among African American college students: A brief report. Journal of Cultural Diversity25(4), 142–147.

Patrena Cody: Dissertation 

  • Caregiver Burdens of Family Members with Alzheimer’s Disease (2019)

Linda Brown: Dissertation 

  • Perceived Stressors among Older African American Primary Family Caregivers: Caring for a Relative with Alzheimer’s Dementia (2019)

Michael Jones: Dissertation 

  • Perceptions of Rural Community-Based Nurses and Perceived Stigma Related to HIV/AIDS: A Mixed-Methods Study (2020)

Summary of Topics

  • Caregivers of Older Adult Parents  (2)
  • Caregivers of Persons with Alzheimer’s Disease (2)
  • Caregivers of Stroke Survivors (1)
  • Sigma of Caring for Persons with HIV/AIDS (1)
  • HIV Risk Behaviors (1)

Summary of Populations

  • Family Member as Caregiver (2)
  • Daughters as Caregivers (1)
  • Adult Sibling Caregivers (1)
  • Spouses as Caregivers (1)
  • Nurses (1)
  • Minority College Students (1)

Dr. Fawcett’s presentation

Download Dr. Fawcett’s presentation, which shows diagrams of the application of the Neuman Systems Model for each of the dissertations

Paper presented at the 18th International Biennial Neuman Systems Model Symposium
June 25, 2021.