Newman Theory/Research/Practice Society in Japan

Contributors: Emiko Endo and Mari Takaki
January 10, 2019

The Newman theory/research/practice society in Japan started as a Newman’s theory and practice study group on August 28, 2006 after 15 nurses engaged in a Newman’s Scholars’ Dialogue with Dr. Margaret Newman in Memphis. Ten years later, the group transformed into a Non-Profit Organization (NPO). The membership is currently 150 and Dr. Emiko Endo is the chair of the board of directors. Our work advances Margaret Newman’s theory of health as expanding consciousness (HEC). The group convenes an annual HEC Dialogue meeting and sponsors three HEC study meeting per year. The former, in general, consists of three presentations and dialogue within each group after the presentation. Usually, about 80~50 participants come together. The latter focuses on the study of the theory of HEC, followed by a few short presentations and dialogue within each group. The study sessions usually engage around 40 nurses.

Additionally, the Newman theory/research/practice society holds praxis research study meetings, supports clinical study meetings in response to nurses’ requests, and presents our praxis research at nursing conferences.

See two videos from the October 2018 meetings .

At a recent Japanese Integrative Medicine and Nursing Research Conference in Hokkaido, Japan, members presented:

  • HEC: a new concept of HEALTH and caring partnership as a nursing intervention within a wholeness paradigm
  • Case Study1: Caring partnership with a woman in her terminal stage and her elderly parents at a clinical setting
  • Case Study 2: Praxis research: Caring partnership with a woman undergoing a bone marrow transplant and her spouse, who were still unstable within one year after transplant
  • Case Study 3: Mutual action research: Visualizing a creation process of a meaningful care environment as nurses for patients and their families in a palliative care unit