2023 June 8-9 – Roy Adaptation Association Conference

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Conference Theme – The Roy Adaptation Model: Health Across the Lifespan

Location: Mount Saint Mary’s University, Los Angeles at Doheny Campus

Program Highlights

Workshop 1: “Applying the RAM in Developing Curriculum Essentials, Competencies, and Standards: Journeying Together” – Dr. Sandra Russo & Dr. Ellen Buckner
Workshop 2: “Using the RAM to Develop the Patient’s Plan of Care” – Dr. Sister Clare Butt & Dr. Lilia Andrea Buitrago Malaver

Keynote: “The Roy Adaptation Model: Health Across the Lifespan, View of the Theorist” – Sister Callista Roy
Susan Pollock Award Paper: Animal assisted activities: Clinical research from pediatrics to older adults – Dr. Mildred Kowalski

Carol Baer Award: “Proceso de adaptacion laboral en el personal operativo de enfermeria de un hospital de segundo nivel (The labor adaptation process in the nursing operative of a second level hospital)” – Ms. Gladiz Marcos Hernández & Dr. Aracely Díaz Oviedo
Maria Elena Lopez Award Paper: Spanish validation of coping and adaptation process scale-short form in caregivers with relatives post COVID-19 – Dr. Carolina Gutiérrez López
The General and Mrs. Hubert Valesco Award Paper: “Stimuli and their influence on coping in Mexican truck drivers – Ms. Laura Garcia
Keville Frederickson Award: “El rol de los hombres en enfermería, el reconocimiento y las emociones que subyacen en la práctica profesional (The role of males in nursing, the underlying recognition and emotions in the professional practice) –
Dr. Sandra Melena Velasquez