There are two types of organizations focused on the development of nursing knowledge:

  • Theory-Focused groups that dedicate their work to the development of a specific nursing theory, and
  • Scholarly Research Societies, organized regionally, nationally or internationally, that focus their work on the ongoing development and dissemination of nursing research and other forms of nursing scholarship, and provide forums for debate and discussion of issues related to the development of nursing knowledge.

In addition, the International Academy of Nursing Editors (INANE)  is an international collaborative – a collective of nursing editors and publishers focused on meeting the practice, research and education needs of the nursing profession. Established in 1982, the group has organized an annual conference every year since – all without a formal organizational structure. The primary mission is to promote best practices in publishing and high standards in the nursing literature, and we provide resources on our website for authors, editors, and publishers on all matters related to publishing.  INANE is open to all who are interested in publishing nursing journals. The group’s annual conference is open to all, and the website provides a rich resource of information for authors, editors and publishers.

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