Landmark Events

Landmark events were notable gatherings of nursologists  from the earliest known conferences in 1968, through the end of the 20th century and the first 15 years of the 21st century.  The purposes of these gatherings were to consider, discuss, and debate foundational ideas from which the discipline of nursing emerged, and to create visions for the future development of the discipline.  The outcomes of these events included proceedings and published articles, and widespread discussion of ideas presented at these conferences. Perhaps most important, the conferences inspired emerging scholars to develop ideas stretching beyond the boundaries of the conferences themselves.  Here we memorialize these landmark events, paying tribute to the contributions they made to the development of nursology!  The events are listed chronologically, most recent last; the event link leads to a page describing details we have been able to confirm, and historical documents related to each event.  We continue to expand this resource as new information comes to our attention.

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1969 – 1970 – University of Kansas Nursing Theory Conferences

1977 – Theory Development: What, Why, How – Kansas City

1978 – 2018: International Association for Human Caring Annual Conferences – Multiple locations

1985 – Faculty Practice in Action – Phoenix, Arizona

1985 – Setting the Agenda for the Year 2000: Knowledge Development in Nursing – San Diego, CA

1984-1988 – Boston University School of Nursing –  Nursing Science Colloquium Series:  Strategies for Theory Development in Nursing I, II, III, IV, V

1988 – The State of the Discipline – Cleveland, OH

1989 – Knowledge about Care and Caring: State of the Art and Future Developments – Wingspread Conference Center, Racine, Wisconsin

1990 – Differentiating Nursing Practice into the Twenty-First Century– Charleston, South Carolina

1996, 1997, 1998 – Knowledge Impact Conferences I and II; Knowledge Consensus Conference, Boston, MA

2000:  Second European Nursing Theory Conference in Scandinavia: Critical Appraisal: Nursing Theories in Practice, Education and Research – Stockholm, Sweden