Virtual Presentations 2020 – Present

Since the onset of the COVID19 pandemic, virtual presentations related to the development of nursing knowledge became a “happening thing!” The Theory-Guided Practice Expert Panel of the American Academy of Nursing sponsors virtual presentations by imminent nurse theorists, open to any and all attendees on Zoom. The Center for Nursing Philosophy at UC-Irvine and the management team co-sponsored a landmark webinar presentation “Decolonizing Nursing: What? Why? How?” Recordings of past presentations are shown below, in reverse chronological order.

August 24, 2023 – Theory Forum: Action-Inspired Nursing Theory

Sponsored by the “Theory-Guided Practice Expert Panel of the American Academy of Nursing. View slides

September 22, 2022 – Webinar: The Advancement & Challenges of Caring Science

Sponsored by the Watson Caring Institute, and presented in English, Spanish and Portuguese. It is an event that brings together nurses, technicians, students in training from undergraduate and graduate courses, and professors from training institutions. It is a space for sharing knowledge, experiences, and debates that strengthen the field of nursing in the face of the international conjuncture.
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September 14, 2022 – Dr. Marilyn (Dee) Ray: Theory of Bureaucratic Caring

“Living Nursing Theory in Daily Clinical Practice: Ray’s Theory of Bureaucratic Caring – Application in USAF Primary Care” presented by Marilyn (Dee) Ray, RN, PhD, CTN, Professor Emerita Florida Atlantic University, Colonel, (Ret) USAF and Marcia A. Potter, DNP, FNP-BC, FNAP, FESPCH, Colonel, (Ret) USAF, Nurse Corp

April 6, 2022 – Dr. Maria O’Rourke – Role Driven Practice Theory

The American Academy of Nursing’s Nursing Theory-Guided Practice Expert Panel held its April 2022 Nursing Theory Forum with Dr. Maria O’Rourke who shared her Role Driven Practice Theory

  • O’Rourke M.W.  (2021). Interprofessional practice: A blueprint for success. ANJ,16(2), 2-5.
  • O’Rourke M.W. (2021). A Situation-Specific Theory About Professional Role Identity Formation as Related to Role Clarity and Nurse Work Engagement. In EO. Im., & A.I. Meleis (Eds.), Situation Specific Theories: Development, Utilization, and Evaluation in Nursing. (pp 211-230). Springer.

January 11, 2022: Barbara Dossey – Theory of Integral Nursing

October 12, 2021: Mary Jane Smith – Story Theory

September 23, 2021: Decolonizing Nursing: What? Why? How?

July 28, 2021: Jean Watson: Theory of Human Caring

April 16, 2021: Sister Callista Roy: Roy’s Adaptation Model