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The management team members are primarily responsible for blog posts that appear at least weekly! However, we are eager to include contributions from nursologists in any walk of nursing life – students, practicing nurses in any setting, educators, administrators, policy-makers and politicians, and those who are “retired” (do we ever retire?)! We welcome blog posts that are consistent with the mission and purposes of, such as posts that:

  • Support and encourage the development of nursing knowledge,
  • Present critical discussion of ideas that are relevant to nursology,
  • Honor nurses who have been “guardians” of the discipline,
  • Memorialize the life of nursologists who have died,
  • Bring to the forefront notable works related to knowledge development in nursing,
  • Provide critical reviews that point toward new possibilities for the future,
  • Explore social and political contexts that influence the development of nursing knowledge,
  • Share inspiring stories related to the development of nursing knowledge,

Content and writing style guidelines include:

  • The author’s own “voice” is clear.
  • There is a connection to content, including links to relevant resources on this site.
  • Content is creative and original.
  • Facts and logic included in the post are plausible.
  • Writing style is informal, conversational, and even humorous.
  • Photos and illustrations are included, or can be provided.
  • If existing literature is cited a link to the source of the existing work is sufficient; if a link is not available, cite the work using APA 7th edition style and format.
  • Length ranges between approximately 750 – 1500 words.
  • A brief bio and author(s)’ photo(s) are included.

Members of the management team provide review, assistance and guidance as needed for first-time contributors.

Send your blog content using the Blog submission form, or email one of our management team members.

For inspiration – see our “you can do it” post.

Page updated January 25, 2021