Teaching/Learning Strategies

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Purpose: Nursology teaching/learning strategies provide the opportunity for educators to share their efforts to help students better understand nursing philosophies, conceptual models and theories, and their application in clinical practice, education, management, leadership, and research.

The University of British Columbia, School of Nursing

Nursology Discipline-Specific Theory-Guided Practice for the DNP Student

Teaching the Application of Conceptual Models and Theories of Nursology

Re-Collection and Re-Presentation of The Story of a Nursing Situation

Submit your teaching strategy

We welcome your submission of teaching/learning strategies that you have used, and which you have experienced as effective in learning processes focused on nursing knowledge. Complete this form to submit your strategy.

Content Guidelines

Title: The title should clearly describe the strategy.

Purpose: A broad statement of the purpose of the strategy

Learner Level: Indicate the learner level for which the strategy is designed.

Strategy Description: Describe the strategy in sufficient detail to allow replication

Assessment of Learning: Briefly describe your ideas for assessment of learning.

Additional Materials: Describe additional files or materials that you wish to share on Nursology.net. If there are other resources available on-line, indicate where they can be located.

Review Process:
  1. Submissions are peer reviewed for the following criteria:
    1. Relevance to the mission of Nursology.net, and the purpose set forth for this section of Nursology.net (above).
    2. Consistency with the content outlined below,
    3. Overall quality (including grammar, flow and clarity of content).
  2. Reviewers are asked to evaluate the teaching strategy to determine the extent to which the content meets the criteria and suggest any needed revisions
  3. Submissions will receive one of the following recommendations:
    1. Post on nursology.net
    2. Revise
    3. Revise and review again
    4. Not appropriate for nursology.net

(Guidelines adapted with permission from the QSEN Teaching Strategies http://qsen.org/teaching-strategies/)