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Content drafted by Jacqueline Fawcett and Peggy Chinn
Date: September 12, 2018
Revised/updated: February 23, 2019

Nursology.net is a web site for nurse scholars, developed and maintained by nurse scholars. Specifically, the web site is a repository for resources about nursing conceptual models, grand theories, middle-range theories, and situation-specific theories, philosophies and associated methodologies.

The mission of nursology.net is to provide access to sentinel, contemporary, comprehensive, and authentic nursing knowledge development in order to facilitate advancement of nursing science and humanistic initiatives worldwide and across time. 

Specifically, the purposes of this site are to:

  • Be the nurse led, nurse developed repository providing the most current and accurate information about nursing discipline-specific knowledge that advances human betterment globally.
  • Promote nursing discipline-specific knowledge that will advance human betterment globally.
  • Facilitate accessibility to historic and contemporary nursing knowledge across time.
  • Provide access to links to nursing theory based organizations, conferences, notable and foundational publications, and ongoing work in practice, research, education, and health policy.
  • Foster collaboration among nurse scholars at local, regional, national, and international levels.

Our mission is guided by the following principles and assumptions:

  • Nursology is a distinct discipline that is vital to the health and wellbeing of people worldwide, our families, communities and nations.
  • Nursology is multi-dimensional, bringing together a variety of theoretic and philosophic perspectives, each of which makes a significant contribution to the distinct nature of the discipline as a whole.
  • Nursology is an autonomous discipline based on values and ideals that bring a unique and necessary dimension to healthcare..
  • Nursology intersects with other healthcare disciplines, draws on knowledge from other disciplines, and functions in cooperation and collaboration with other disciplines, but remains distinct and autonomous because of particular perspectives arising from the experience of caring for those who are sick or injured, and from the experience of promoting health and wellbeing for individuals, families, communities and the environments in which they reside.

About the Blog

Our blog is a multi-authored blog, with regular contributors from the web management team. We also welcome guest blogs at any time! For more information, see “How to Contribute to the Nursology.net Blog.” Once you send us your content for a post, and we will review and follow through to refine as needed, and to schedule your post!

There is a new blog post at least every Tuesday with content that supports the mission and goals of the site, specifically but not limited to posts that:

  • support and encourage the development of nursing knowledge,
  • present critical discussion of ideas that are relevant to nursology,
  • honor nurses who are, or have been “guardians” of the discipline,
  • memorialize the life of nursologists who have died,
  • bring to the forefront notable works related to knowledge development in nursing, and
  • share inspiring stories related to the development of nursing knowledge.

Our banner and logo were designed by Judy Lalonde, Graphic Designer, Health Promotion and Communications Simcoe Muskoka District Health UnitBarrie, Ontario, Canada. Peggy Chinn and Adeline Falk-Rafael provided conceptual guidance.  The resulting design, with the double helix (with either the “O” or the “N” in the center) focuses the gaze on the intertwining complexities of nursology.  The bold, bright red color is that of  blood — life and the life force — intertwining with the earth tan tone,  representing the fundamental inseparability of the human/environment connection.

Values and Ethics

The development and maintenance of this site are guided by the following values:

  • We take every step possible to assure accuracy of content on this site by
    • Assuring review of content by members of the management team prior to activation of pages and posts.
    • Securing review and approval from any nurses who are central to the content presented (e.g. authors, key nurses involved), if those individuals are available.
    • Inviting corrections and updates from viewers who have the best information available.
    • Welcoming feedback, discussion and critique from viewers where there are issues of controversy or different points of view.
  • We actively pursue equity and justice as reflected in the content of this site by:
    • Addressing racism and all power relations that result in advantage for some and disadvantage for others.
    • Encouraging and publishing perspectives on knowledge in nursing from nurses in all cultural and ethnic locations globally.
    • Actively seeking decolonization of nursing knowledge, starting with understanding what this means and how to accomplish it.
  • We assure accountability and transparency of the content on this site by:
    • Showing the name or names of the contributors who have provided the information displayed on specific pages
    • Providing the dates when content was initially posted and revised.
    • Providing links or references to sources from which content is derived, or is quoted.
  • We welcome submissions of content for each section of the website and have provided submission forms tailored to each section.  These forms are found on main pages of each section.  In addition, we welcome:
  • We will respond promptly to all communications, including requests to correct, change or remove any content that violates our commitment to  be accountable and transparent in using content from other sources.

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