This is a library of books that address the philosophy, history, analysis and methods used in the development of nursology.  Books that present a specific theory or framework are shown in the Nursing Knowledge section.

To find a book related to the development of nursology, open the galleries below to browse by authors/editors or by book titles. You can search these galleries by a name or key term to find a specific source.  Click on a “card” in the gallery to obtain a link to the page for specific title.  Below the links to the galleries is an alphabetic listing of book authors and editors.

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Directory of Nursology Book Authors & Editors:

Alligood, Martha Raile –

Anderson, Jan M. – Caritas Coaching: A Journey Toward Transpersonal Caring for Informed Moral Action in Healthcare

Avant, Kay Coalson – Strategies for theory construction in nursing (6th ed.)

Beck, Cheryl Tatano –

Butts, Janie B – Philosophies and Theories for Advanced Nursing Practice

Chinn, Peggy L

DeSanto-Madeya, Susan – Contemporary Nursing Knowledge: Analysis and Evaluation

Fawcett, Jacqueline –

Horton-Deutsch, Sara –

Kagan, Paula N – Philosophies & Practices of Emancipatory Nursing: Social Justice as Praxis

King, Imogene – The Language of Nursing Theory and Metatheory

Kramer, Maeona (Mae) Kay – Knowledge Development in Nursing

Liehr, Patricia – Middle Range Theory for Nursing

Marriner Tomey, Ann –

Meleis, Afaf Ibrahim – Theoretical Nursing: Development and Progress

Parker, Marilyn E. – Nursing Theories and Nursing Practice, 4th Edition

Polit, Denise F –

Reed, Pamela G. – Nursing Knowledge and Theory Innovation: Advancing the Science of Practice, 2nd Edition

Rich, Karen L.  Philosophies and Theories for Advanced Nursing Practice

Rosa, William E. – A Handbook for Caring Science Expanding the Paradigm 

Shearer, Nelma B. C.  – Nursing Knowledge and Theory Innovation: Advancing the Science of Practice, 2nd Edition

Smith, Marlaine –

Smith, Mary Jane – Middle Range Theory for Nursing

Walker, Lorraine Olszewski – Strategies for theory construction in nursing (6th ed.)

Watson, Jean – A Handbook for Caring Science Expanding the Paradigm 

If you have information about books that we have not included here, we want to hear from you!  We list books that describe the development of nursing knowledge, guidance for the evaluation of existing philosophies, theories, frameworks and models, application of nursing philosophies and theories in practice, education and research, and background information about foundational theoretical works in the discipline.  There are two forms to submit a new  book entry. Complete the “Author Form” first. If there is more than one author for a single book, complete a separate author form for each author before completing the  “Nursology Book Form

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