Nursing Journals: History and Significance

By Leslie Nicoll and Peggy Chinn Mysteries of PublishingHistory of Nursing Journals As part of our series on the “Mysteries of Publishing” we are introducing what can be considered a “subseries” focusing on the history and significance of nursing journals.  We (Leslie and Peggy) are actively involved in the International Academy of Nursing Editors (INANE) … Continue reading Nursing Journals: History and Significance

Responding to Peer Review

Mysteries of Publishing* Peer review is of such importance in scholarly publishing that there is now an annual global "Peer Review Week"! This year's event is coming up - September 19-23 - with the theme  “Research Integrity: Creating and supporting trust in research.” The week will feature online events, live events in many different locations, … Continue reading Responding to Peer Review

The Joyous Privilege of Peer Reviewing

Mysteries of Publishing I have served as a peer reviewer for several journals for almost all of the 58 years of my academic career. I consider peer reviewing a joyous privilege, albeit sometimes a bit of a burden. Source Joyous privilege is in being at least a small part of shaping what gets published. I … Continue reading The Joyous Privilege of Peer Reviewing

What do publishers do?

Mysteries of Publishing* To publish means "to make public." Any form of writing that is intended for other people to read beyond a single correspondent, has to have a way to reach whatever audience is intended - it has to be published. There are now many different ways for this to happen, but regardless of … Continue reading What do publishers do?

Professional Literature – How as a Reader You Shape the Future

Note: this post begins a series on "Mysteries of Publishing" in which we will cover many topics related to the production of scholarly literature. If you have questions or suggestions for this series, please contact us using our contact form! When I was an undergraduate student at the University of Hawaii in the early 1960's, … Continue reading Professional Literature – How as a Reader You Shape the Future