How to contribute to the “Theories/Models & Philosophies” Sections

We encourage contributions to this section of by scholars who developed a theory/model or philosophy that is now published in the nursing literature, or by a scholar who has been immersed in studying or applying a published theory/model or philosophy.  Our purpose in this section is to provide an overview of the published theory or model, along with links to sources where the detailed information, background and other related literature can be found.  You do not need to compose new material for this – the information we post is your summary of the essential elements of the published work.   We also include the contributor(s) photographs and brief biographical information.

The information  you provide can be revised and updated any time, and we provide a mock-up of the webpage for you to review before it is activated.

There are two online forms to submit a new entry for the “Theories/Models” and the “Philosophies” sections of  Open the forms to review the information we request.  Make notes of these elements and prepare the details before you come back to the forms to complete them.  You can copy and paste the requested information into the form fields.  Once you start filling out the forms you will not be able to return to update or revise, but the information you provide is a draft that you will be able to update and revise once we draft the page.

  • Complete the “Author Form” first. If there is more than one author for a single theory/model, complete a separate author form for each author
  • Then complete the 2nd form for the section in which the work belongs:

Q: What happens after I submit these forms? 

A: These forms provide a draft of the information we need for your work to be posted. Our management team reviews your form to affirm that the information is well-suited for,  and that we have the information we need to proceed. Then we will work with you to  develop the web content for your review. We reserve the right to edit as needed to create consistency with the purposes of Once your review is complete, we activate the information for public viewing.

Page updated May 16, 2023