Nurses of Color Address Racism in Nursing

An important question about the website is growing in importance - "what about nursing knowledge developed by nurses of color?" The time has come for this to change - a change that begins with visibility and voices of nurses of color. The "Overdue Reckoning on Racism in Nursing" project has nurtured this movement and … Continue reading Nurses of Color Address Racism in Nursing

Barbara J. Hatcher Q&As on “Decolonizing Nursing”

From the September 23rd Panel Q&A There were several questions in the chat for me. Q. As part of my master’s degree (UVIC) I am currently going through a practicum at a Nursing School in BC, Canada. This course is a 12-week course that focuses on care of acutely ill clients experiencing surgical interventions. As … Continue reading Barbara J. Hatcher Q&As on “Decolonizing Nursing”

Decolonizing Nursing Education

From the September 23rd Panel Q&A Q. Do you have recommendations for decolonizing nursing education given the fact that nursing faculty are predominantly white? I find that our arguments about being “gatekeepers” for the profession are inherently racist but I also find that challenging those arguments is met with a lot of resistance. Bukola Salami … Continue reading Decolonizing Nursing Education

Decolonization and Globalization

During the "Decolonizing Nursing: What? Why? How? webinar on September 23rd, there were questions posed for the panelists that could not be addressed due to time constraints. We promised to post responses to these questions on the blog - and here is the first of those responses! Dr. Martinez The first question we are … Continue reading Decolonization and Globalization

Launch of BILNOC Leaders Database

We are delighted to launch a database that provides information about Black, Indigenous, Latina/x and other Nurses of Color (BILNOCs) who are (or have been) leaders and scholars who have contributed to the development of the discipline. This will be a significant resource for scholars and students who seek to recognize and honor BILNOC leaders. … Continue reading Launch of BILNOC Leaders Database