Nursology Events 2018 and Beyond

This section provides information about events related to the development of nursing knowledge that have taken place since the establishment of  These  important events:

  • Acknowledged the importance of nursing theory and the knowledge of the discipline;
  • Inspired future development of knowledge in the discipline; and
  • Addressed ways to communicate all dimensions of nursing knowledge for the future.

We invite documents, reports, photographs and other significant information about each of these events in order to provide a rich resource for the discipline, and demonstrate the importance of dialogue and debate in the development of nursology. Contact us to let us know you have documents or photographs to post here.

Event 2018 and beyond are listed most recent last:

2018 – October 5-7: Society for Rogerian Scholars – New York City.

2018 – October 11-13: WCSI: Global Human Caring Arts Health Humanity Conference – Brighton UK

2018 – October 17-20: Transcultural Nursing Society 44th Annual Conference, San Antonio, TX