Request from the Society of Rogerian Scholars

From Violet Malinski

The Resource Development Committee of the Society of Rogerian Scholars is attempting to locate  the following people who have developed research tools within the framework of the Science of Unitary Human Beings (SUHB). If they are no longer physically present, we would like to contact a family member, if possible. Our hope is to produce a book on research methods and tools as well as provide information on ways to access each tool and scoring guide for those who are interested in using them. If you can help, please email Dr. Violet Malinski at Thank you.  

  • Judith Carboni
  • Helen Ference
  • Effie Hanchett
  • Suzanne Leddy
  • R. L. McCanse
  • Jeanne Lynch Paletta
  • Juanita Watson
  • Adela Yarcheski
  • Noreen  Mahon

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