1984-1988 – Boston University School of Nursing –  Nursing Science Colloquium Series:  Strategies for Theory Development in Nursing I, II, III, IV, V

Information provided by Jacqueline Fawcett
August 29, 2018

Dates – March 23, 1984; March 21-22, 1985; April 3-4, 1986; 1987 (date TBD); March 10-12, 1988.

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Organizers: Boston University School of Nursing Faculty and Doctoral Students

Purpose of the conferences: The Nursing Science Colloquium series was designed to provide participants with an opportunity to share knowledge, ideas, expertise, and resources to advance nursing science.

Attendees: Nursing faculty and nursing doctoral students from a number of nursing programs with ongoing or planned graduate nursing education programs.

Description:  Each colloquium featured paper presentations by widely known nurse scientists.  PDF of 1986, 1987 and 1988 programs 

1984 – Colloquium 1: Papers presented by Dr. Rozella Schlotfeldt, Dr. Jan Atwood, and Dr. Lorraine Walker

Download 1984 Proceedings

1985 – Colloquium II: Papers presented by Dr. Ada Sue Hinshaw, Dr. Margaret Hardy, Dr. Glanys Hamilton (critical commentary), Dr. Caroly Oiler, Anna Ornery (critical commentary), Dr. Marilyn Stember, Therese Shipps (critical commentary), Dr. Shake Ketefian, Marcia Lynch (critical commentary). Dr. Madeline Leininger, Katherine A. Meyer (critical commentary)

Download 1985 Proceedings

1986 – Colloquium III: Papers presented by Dr. Margaret Hardy, Dr. Donna Schwartz-Barcott, Dr. Jan Atwood, Dr. Jeanne Quint Benoliel, Dr. H. Suzie Kim, Dr. Jean Johnson
1987 – Colloquium IV: Papers presented by Dr. Robert Cohen, Dr. Afaf Meleis, Dr. Joyce Fitzpatrick, Dr. Caol Soares O’Hearn, Dr. Sara Fry, Dr. Janice Thompson
1988 – Colloquium V: Papers presented by Dr. Sara Fry, Dr. Marjoie Isenberg, Dr. Shirley Smoyak, Dr. Davd Allen, Dr. Rozella Schlotfeldt, Bianca Chambers, Jo Eleanor Elliott and Dr. Jan Heinrich

Download 1988 Proceedings

Publications based on conference proceedings: Proceedings of each conference were published and were available from Boston University School of Nursing (closed in 1988).