2019 August 18-20 – 13th Philosophy in the Nurse’s World & 23rd International Philosophy of Nursing Conference – Victoria, BC

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Jessica Dillard-Wright

CONFERENCE THEME – Thinking about Ideas in Nursing

Conference Dates: August 18-20, 2019


Inn at Laurel Point
680 Montreal Street
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


Dr. Thomas Foth, Dr. Janet Rankin & Dr. Sally Thorne


The aim of this conference is to provide an opportunity for nurses and philosophers to think about nursing practice; to think about the ideas that lie behind nursing actions.

Questions that might be posed include:

  • What is the relationship between various complex ideas (e.g. theories, models) and nursing practice?
  • How are and/or should nursing ideas be collected, organized, and changed?
  • How is excellence or the lack thereof in nursing understood, measured, and assessed?
  • How do our ideas about the nurse’s world impact that world?
  • When, and how, do ideas get adopted or rejected in nursing?
  • Why do some ideas become established in nursing while others fade over time?
  • What can philosophers learn about knowledge, thought, and ideas from the nurse’s world?