2019 November 14-15 – Collaborative K.I.N.G. Conference – Washington, DC

Location: George Washington University (GWU) Conference Center Washington, DC

The 2019 conference of the King International Nursing Group was held November 14 (full day) and 15 (half day) (just before the STTI conference) in Washington, D. C. at the Marvin Center of George Washington University. The conference was the result of the collaboration of eleven nursing theory organizations. A unique opportunity to meet and interact with nurses interested in a variety of nursing theories.

Theme: Nursing Theories:  Moving Forward through Collaboration, Application and KING logoInnovation
Co-sponsor: George Washington University

 In collaboration with:

  • International Association of Human Caring
  • International Caritas Consortium
  • International Consortium of Parse Scholars
  • Neuman Systems Model Trustees Group, Inc.
  • Orem International Society
  • Roy Adaptation Association
  • Society for the Advancement of Modeling and Role Modeling
  • Society of Rogerian Scholars
  • Transcultural Nursing Society
  • Watson Caring Science Institute
Planning group:   Board of Directors for King International Nursing Group (KING), Christina Sieloff, President. The following representatives of other nursing theory groups and associations are also members of the planning group: Mary White (Orem); Peggy Chinn (UCONN Theory Group, AAN); S. Beckman (Neuman Systems Model); Sr. Callista Roy (Roy Adaptation Association (RAA)); Marian Turkel (Watson Caring Theory, AAN).  KING Vice President, and Jacqueline Fawcett (Society of Rogerian Scholars). Louanne Friend is Conference Chair.

Program Objectives:

  1. Examine the unique important role of nursing theory in the profession of nursing.
  2. Examine the relationship between nursing theory and health care outcomes
  3. Develop strategies for using nursing theories within one’s practice, whether direct care, education, management or research