Parse’s Theory of Humanbecoming

Contributor: Jacqueline Fawcett
September 8, 2018

Author – Rosemarie Rizzo Parse, RN, PhD, FAAN

Year First Published – 1981
Parse model

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Major Concepts



  •  Imaging
  • Valuing
  • Languaging
  • PRINCIPLE 1: Structuring meaning is the imaging and valuing of languaging


  • Revealing-Concealing
  • Enabling-Limiting
  • Connecting-Separating
  • PRINCIPLE 2: Configuring rhythmical patterns of relating is the revealing-concealing and enabling-limiting of connecting-separating


  • Powering
  • Originating
  • Transforming
  • PRINCIPLE 3: Cotranscending with possibles is the powering and originating of transforming


  • Moving-Initiating
  • Tunneling
  • Driving
  • Laddering
  • Boating
  • Swimming
  • Submarining
  • Ballooning
  • Motorflying
  • Swinging
  • Anchoring-Shifting
  • Savoring-Sacrificing
  • Revering-Liberating
  • Pondering-Shaping
  • Considering-Composing
  • Dialoguing-Listening


  • Illuminating Meaning -Explicating
  • Synchronizing Rhythms-Dwelling With
  • Mobilizing Transcendence-Moving Beyond
  • Contexts for Nursing
  • True Presence
    • Coming-to-be-Present
    • Face-to-Face Discussions
    • Silent Immersion
    • Lingering Presence
  • Ways of Changing Health Patterns in True Presence
    • Creative Imagining
    • Affirming Personal Becoming
    • Glimpsing the Paradoxical

A grand theory of nursing

Brief Description

Parse’s work focuses on the humanuniverse-health process, which she regards as the phenomenon of concern for the discipline of nursing, as well as on cocreated human experiences The goal of the discipline of nursing is quality of the perons’s, family’s, and community’s persepctives. The goal of the Humanbecoming nurse is to be truly present with people as they enhance the quality of lfie. ( Parse, R. R. (1981). Man-Living-Health: A theory of nursing. New York, NY: Wiley; Parse, R. R. (2001). Rosemarie Rizzo Parse: The human becoming school of thought. In M. E. Parker (Ed.), Nursing theories and nursing practice (pp. 227–238). Philadelphia: F. A. Davis; Fawcett, J., & DeSanto-Madeya, S. (2013). Contemporary nursing knoweldge: Analysis and evaluation of nursing models and theories (3rd ed., pp. 340, 352). Philadelphia, PA: F. A. Davis.)

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Rosemarie Rizzo Parse

“Dr. Parse is a graduate of Duquesne University in Pittsburgh and received her master’s and doctorate from the University of Pittsburgh. She was a member of the faculty of the University of Pittsburgh, Dean of the Nursing School at Duquesne University, Professor and Coordinator of the Center for Nursing Research at Hunter College of the City University of New York (1983-1993), and Professor and Niehoff Chair at Loyola University Chicago (1993-2006); [she currently is Distinguished Professor Emerita, at Loyola University of Chicago.] Since January 2007 she has been a Consultant and Visiting Scholar at the New York University College of Nursing. Dr. Parse is founder and current Editor of Nursing Science Quarterly, and President of Discovery International, Inc. She is also founder of the Institute of Humanbecoming.” (