Virtual Nursology Theory Week – March 17-24, 2021!

Registration open!

Details of the program for the March 17-24 Virtual Nursology Theory Week are now available on the Nursology Theory Conference Website, including details of the “breakout sessions” for the week! Once you register, you will have access to any and all of the conference virtual events, as well as the digital Guidebook containing all of the conference program information, information about all speakers, and slides that will be included for many of the sessions.

The 3 General Sessions (Wednesday March 17, Monday March 22, and Wednesday March 24) will be Zoom Webinars (only the speakers and moderators will be visible; participants will interact using “chat”). The 30-minute Breakout sessions will also be Zoom Webinars with 3 “breakouts” in each webinar block, giving each presenter time to present and respond to questions and comments posted in the chat. Each day will end with “Daily Discussion” – Zoom regular meetings – open to all conference participants where you will be visible to one another and can have open discussion of the issues of the day.

The preliminary program schedule is subject change as the time for the conference nears. All who register will have access to the conference “Guidebook” which will show the final program schedule along with zoom login details for each session, and any slides used in the presentations that speakers want to share with participants.

If you registered for the 2020 conference and held over your registration for 2021, you are all set! If you registered for 2020 and asked for a refund, you will be able to now register for 2021 at a “renewal rate,” and will be contacted by Leslie Nicoll to work out the details. If you have not previously registered – you can do so now!! This promises to be a landmark event – so hope you can “be there!”

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  1. Somehow I thought I had already agreed to present the presentation from last year…or maybe I misinterpreted…or mis-remembered. Please advise. Thanks, Savina Schoenhofer

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