Nursology and the Bold Future of Nursing

Recently I was invited to give a presentation for faculty and students at the M. Louise Fitzpatrick College of Nursing at Villanova University, based on my keynote address at the March 2019 conference “Nursing Theory: A Fifty Year Perspective, Past, Present and Future.” Download the text of that speech here.

True to the lifeways of pandemic time, I could only be present with people at Villanova University virtually, and developed a set of slides for the presentation. So in a spirit of sharing, here are the slides – the message of this presentation calls for all to boldly claim the essence and value of nursing/nursology, and to recognize barriers that stand in the way of fully enacting this essence in our practice. (Note: if the slides do not show to the end, view the slides here instead)

One thought on “Nursology and the Bold Future of Nursing

  1. Peggy’s talk was INSPIRING AND AMAZING! The FCN faculty and PhD students were inspired!!! Our sincere thanks and appreciation to you Peggy for sharing your insights and perspectives. Mary Ann Cantrell

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