Invites Student Research Recruitment Submissions!

At, we are happy to announce that we are going to begin offering a way to support students in their recruitment of participants in order to complete their degree requirements in nursing (e.g., PhD, DNP, etc.). Going forward, we intend to showcase one student research project with a introductory blog, as well as a dedicated page for recruitment. This is a great way to reach participants from all over the world, and network with nurses/nursologists who may have research insights for you!

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To participate, students will be asked to submit a proposal to the team with the following requirements:

  1. Investigator biography and photograph.
  2. The proposed study must include:
    1. IRB approval or exemption.
    2. Grounded in the discipline of nursology.
    3. Includes an explicit nursology conceptual and/or theoretical framework. This can be an investigator developed framework (e.g., conceptual framework) OR investigator adapted.
    4. A paragraph statement describing how the proposed study contributes to the development of nursing/nursology knowledge.
  3. A short blog describing the theoretical focus for the proposed study.
  4. Agreement that after completion of the study, the participant will complete an additional blog on their research findings.

If you are interested in participating, please submit your proposal to the management team for review here. Additionally, if you have any questions prior to your submission please contact us here. There is no time limit for this submission call, we encourage everyone who may be eligible to submit!

4 thoughts on “ Invites Student Research Recruitment Submissions!

    • Hi Christina! So nice to “see” you. I am doing well. How are you?

      I hope that students and faculty find this opportunity helpful!

      With gratitude,

    • Hi Tim!

      I am so glad to hear you think so! Hopefully some of our UA friends submit, we’d love to showcase them!

      Hope you are doing well!

      With gratitude,

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