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The Virtual Nursing Theory Week will be held from March 17-21, 2022. This will be a five day, virtual event held via Zoom with a mix of panel presentations, knowledge sessions, and poster presentations. The preliminary schedule will be posted soon!

The registration fee for the VNTW 2022 is only $159 USD. This is a fixed price; there are no early bird, student, or other discounts. This low price makes the conference highly accessible to all, and covers the cost of producing a high-quality, rich virtual experience. You can see the daily time frame now on the Nursing Theory Conference website. The details of each time slot will be filled in within the next couple of weeks.

The conference planning team is led by Leslie Nicoll, Editor-in-Chief, CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing and Nurse Author & Editor. Dr. Nicoll is the founding Editor of the first four editions (1986-2002) of the text that many of you have used as an invaluable resource – Perspectives on Nursing Theory. Dr. Nicoll has developed a virtual “template” for this conference that will make this event accessible for all – doctoral students and all nurse scholars. Every year there will be a local site where there is a rich history of notable nurse scholars who contributed to the foundations of nursing knowledge, and current scholars and students who are actively involved in the development of nursing scholarship. The local scholars will be on the planning team for the conference, assisting in developing the conference virtual program as well as local in-person activities at the site in the days or weeks close to the time of the virtual events for those located at the site and for those who might want to travel for networking and inspiration.

Memphis, Tennessee is the local site for the 2022 conference. Memphis was the home of Dr. Margaret Newman, author of the featured article on which the conference theme is based: “A World of No Boundaries” (Available for download at no cost for the conference).

We are continuing the “virtual tradition” established last year. Instead of concurrent “breakout” sessions selected from abstracts submitted for the conference, the conference will feature “knowledge sessions” during which presenters will have a full 30 minutes, and each and every session will be available for all who register. As an attendee, you will be able to to access all or as many of the sessions as you wish – giving you a rich and intensive nursology knowledge development experience!

As the 2022 academic year gets underway, now is the time to plan to attend this important event! Register now, and block out the time on your calendar so you do not have have to miss any of the sessions!

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