1969 – The Nature and Science of Nursing

Contributors: Peggy Chinn and Leslie Nicoll
December 30, 2018
Dates – April 11-12, 1969
Location: University of Colorado School of Nursing

The conference was part of the Nurse Scientist Program, with partial support from the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare, Public Health Service Grant No. NU-5008-02 from the Division of Nursing.

Conference Chair and planning group

Madeleine Leininger

Madeleine Leininger, Conference Chair and Director of the Nurse Scientist Program

Program Planning group: Betty Jo Hadley, Rose McKay, and Kathryn Smith


Approximately 70 participants from 21 Universities

Landmark Publications

Abdellah, F. G. (1969). The nature of nursing science. Nursing research, 18(5), 390–393.

Hadley, B. J. (1969). Evolution of a Conception of Nursing. Nursing research, 18(5), 400–404.

Leininger, M. M. (1969). Nature of Science in Nursing. Nursing research, 18(5), 388–389.

McKay, R. P. (1969). Theories, models and systems for nursing. Nursing research, 18(5), 393–399.

Smoyak, S. A. (1969). Toward Understanding Nursing Situations: A Transaction Paradigm. Nursing research, 18(5), 405–410.


All of these papers were reprinted in the following text:

Nicoll, L. H. (1986). Perspectives on Nursing Theory. Scott, Foresman and Company.

The text is now out of print but available in many libraries.