1996, 1997, 1998 – Knowledge Impact Conferences I and II; Knowledge Consensus Conference

Information provided by Jacqueline Fawcett
August 29, 2018

Dates: Knowledge Impact Conference I–October 4-6, 1996; Knowledge Impact Conference II–November 20-22, 1997; Knowledge Consensus Conference–October 22-24, 1998

Location: Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA

Organizers: Planning Committee: Dr. Callista Roy and Dr. Dorothy Jones

  • Knowledge Impact Conferences I and II: Sponsored by the Theory Interest Group of the Eastern Nursing Research Society and hosted by Boston College School of Nursing
  • Knowledge Consensus Conference: Sponsored by Boston College School of Nursing and Alpha Chi Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International


  • Knowledge Impact Conferences I: Exploring Linkages of Philosophy, Theory, and Research as the Basis of Outcomes for Practice
  • Knowledge Impact Conferences II: Linking Nursing Knowledge to Practice Outcomes
  • Knowledge Consensus Conference: Generation of a Value-Based Position Paper Linking Nursing Knowledge and Practice Outcomes

Attendees: Faculty and doctoral students from universities around the United States

Download 1996 Proceedings

Download 1997 Proceedings

Description: The conferences featured aper presentations, panel discussions, response papers, participant discussions, and round table discussions. PDF of 1996, 1997, 1998 Programs

Knowledge Impact Conferences I-– Papers presented by:

  •  Dr. Haesook Suzie Kim; Dr. Mary Ellen Doona; Dr. Beth L. Rodgers, with Implications anel Discussion by Dr. Joan Fitzmaurice, Dr. Marjory Gordon, and Dr. Peter Buerhaus;
  • Dr. Margaret A. Newman, with Implications Panel Discussion by Dr. Adela Yarcheski, Dr. Laurel Radwin, and Dr. Inge Corliss;
  • Dr. Callista Roy, with Implications Panel Discussion by Dr. Dona Schwartz-Barcoot, Dr. Jean Miller, and Carolyn Corliss; and Summary by Dr. Dorothy Jones.

Knowledge Impact Conference II–Papers presented by

  • Dr. Lorraine Walker; Dr. Elizabeth R. Lenz, with Response by Dr. Jacqueline D. Fortin;
  • Dr. Patricia Winstead-Fry, with Response by Dr. Sarah Jo Brown;
  • Dr. Janice L. Thompson with Response by Dr. Peggy L. Chinn; ,
  • Dr. Dorothy A. Jones

Knowledge Consensus Conference–Papers presented by

  • Dr. Janice Brencick and Dr. Glenn Webster,
  • Round Table 1-Ontology of Person with Reflective Synthesis with Dr. Margaret Newman and Dr. Callista Roy;
  • Round Table 2–Ontology of Nursing with Reflective Synthesis with Dr. Peggy Chinn and Dr. Janice Thompson;
  • Round Table 3–Nursing Theory and
  • Round Table 4–Links to Practice with Reflective Syntheses 3 and 4 with Dr. Haesook Suzie Kim, Dr. Beth Rodgers, Dr. Dorothy Jones, and Dr. Janice Brencick

Publications: Proceedings for all three conferences were published by BC Press, Chestnut Hill, MA.