11th Edition of “Knowledge Development in Nursing” is now available!

Hot off the press – “Knowledge Development in Nursing: Theory and Process – 11th Edition” authored by Peggy L. Chinn, Maeona K. Kramer, and Kathleen Sitzman. The content in this edition has not only been updated and refined, but we have re-organized the content, presenting the basic, fundamental descriptions and explanations at the start of each chapter, followed by a “Now That You Know the Basics” section that expands and extends understanding for learners who want to move beyond the “basics.”

We also have developed and expanded examples and case studies in each chapter, and have added a new appendix that contains additional study guides and materials to enrich student learning.

We have updated the animation that illustrates the interconnectedness of all patterns of knowing, and the animation is now available on the publisher website and on our Nursology.net book page.

Another new feature that we are very excited to include, is QR codes scattered throughout the book that lead to current online material related to the content in the book. Of course many of the QR codes lead to Nursology.net, but many lead to other sources as well! For example, in the chapter on emancipatory knowing, there is a learning activity that features a QR code to the Nursing Manifesto, with prompts for student discussion of the meaning of this document. Try it out!

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  1. congratulations! We share the same publisher. Your book is used as a primary reference in each edition of Nursing Theorists and Their Work, and the 10th edition was published October, 2021.

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