Reflections on the 2023 Virtual Nursology Theory Conference

The Virtual Nursology Theory Week was once again – a resounding success! As the detailed comments below demonstrate, the conference offered a new kind of experience that was enlightening and inspiring! Attendees ranged from scholars embarking on new careers in their PhD programs, to nurse scholars with many decades of experience of teaching, research, and theory development.

From PhD student, Kemmarie Beal:

VNTW was a fantastic experience both as a first-time attendee and presenter. I have attended many conferences throughout my years of professional practice. Yet, I never saw myself as a presenter on any of these platforms–VNTW has changed that! I am grateful I was in the midst of scholarly exchanges, learning from scholars in development, long recognized scholars and newly recognized scholars whom have been long-time governors of knowledge development and dissemination. Presentations were memorable! The genuine exchanges in the closing panel discussion were rich in content, the authenticity palpable!

From nurse ethicist and thought leader, Marsha Fowler:

What I liked, no loved, about this gathering was the diversity of voices, the authenticity of the conversation, but more than that—there was a meaningfulness and consequentialness to the research, the interchange, the discussions. So often conferences promote trivial and banal research and are a vehicle for notches on a CV. This wasn’t that. It seemed to me to be real engagement without artifice, without the usual white posturing and pretense, without the pall of competition and academic reward agendas.

From Donna Shambley-Ebron, PhD, Associate Professor Emerita

The five day conference was truly an enriching experience with a diverse array of presentations. Research presentations using various methodologies as well as  theoretical and philosophical discussions were presented on each day of the conference. I was especially pleased that the scholarship of nurses of color was prominent throughout the conference. The closing panel on the future of nursing theory was especially thought provoking and exciting as we move forward in advancing our discipline through new theoretical development. The virtual format made it easy to attend the presentations in which I was most interested. I look forward to attending the conference again in 2024. 

Many more attendees shared comments on the program evaluation form. Here is a list of “favorite things” about this conference:

  • Hearing Marlaine Smith talk about her theory, and also the initial “Scholars of Color” panel
  • Learning about theory development using a variety of nursing theories.
  • The opportunities to interact with others who attended the conference, including two follow ups for future collaborations
  • Connecting to amazing scholars who are incredibly insightful. I thought it was all done really well. While technology has its shortcomings, I loved being able to attend virtually as I would not have been able to attend if the conference required much travel for an in-person meeting. So I really appreciated the accessibility of the online format.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the diverse perspectives and dialogue.. The technical assistance person was exceptionally patient and helpful.
  • Learning and seeing how nursing theory is being utilized across nursing through practice and research.
  • Hearing new younger evolving nurse theorists,researchers, clinicians and scientists.
  • You make us all feel worthy of scholarly attention and regard. I simply wish I had more time to devote to it.
  • Perspectives from People of Color was informative and important.
Closing panel (clockwise top left: Peggy Chinn, Sally Thorne, Ismália De Souza, Lucinda Canty: “Looking Back to Look Forward”

There were a few comments related to the Digital program guide we use – Guidebook! Guidebook is a rich resource that contains the names, brief bios, and slides for all of the presenters. Guidebook also includes the names of all attendees with links to connect with others who are attending! Best of all, if you register in advance, you receive access to Guidebook a couple of weeks in advance of the conference, with access to all of the information available so you can make plans to attend sessions that particularly interest you. Plus you retain Guidebook on your mobile device for many months after the conference! So for future conferences, watch for early access to Guidebook and plan to make use of it to develop and expand your network related to your own scholarly interests!

Yes! There will be future conferences! We will announce all details here on Nursology and on the Nursology Theory website. Follow this blog to get the information as it emerges! The 2024 dates are set – March 21-25, 2024. Mark your calendar and plan to tune in!

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  1. Sounds so fabulous and intellectually liberating and inclusive! So sorry to miss! 2024 a must! Thank you for this pioneering leadership and emancipatory learning format for all ! Jean

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