Today – the official launch of!

Today, September 18, 2018, we are formally unveiling — the nurse led, nurse developed repository providing the most current and accurate information about nursing discipline-specific knowledge that advances human betterment globally.  We are a team of nurse scholars who believe in the power of nursing ideas, honor the heritage of nursing ideas that form the foundation of our discipline, and are dedicated to advancing the development of nursing knowledge for the future.

Creating has been an amazing experience!  Each of us who have developed the site and its content have vested interests, as nurse scholars, in seeing this project come to fruition. But I am not sure if any of us could envision the reality until now. As one of the developers, and as someone who is known to have a certain degree of expertise in nursing knowledge development, being a witness to the unfolding reality of this site has been a remarkable awakening.  Yes, I already had a degree of familiarity with every element that we have developed so far. But as I began to see all the pieces start to appear all together, in a collection that represents the whole, I have been in awe of the enormity, the significance and the power of nursing ideas, how these ideas shape nursing actions, and how nursing actions shape our ideas.

We have great expectations for this resource, as described in our mission and goals. We have an impressive start, and we invite you to participate in any way you can.  Here are some ideas to get involved:

  • If you know of something you would like us to include, we have forms scattered throughout the site that you can use to send us your suggestions. Or, use our contact form.
  • From today going forward we will have a weekly blog post (perhaps more) to highlight what is happening in the realm of developing nursing knowledge. Follow our blog by entering your email in the space at the top of the right sidebar on any page.
  • Do you have an idea for a blog?  We welcome you to be a guest blogger – use our blog submission form.
  • Comment  on our blog posts any time to participate in discussions, which we hope will be lively and thought-provoking.
  • And, contact us any time – we want to hear from you!

14 thoughts on “Today – the official launch of!

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  2. This is a terrific way to advance public understanding and appreciation of nurse knowledge– now we need to network and find ways to cross link to other sites. Thank you for your efforts on behalf of Nursing!

  3. My home state of MA is the latest battleground in the minimum-staffing war, with well-funded hospital association and insurance companies opposed (surprise there, huh?) and actual working nurses wildly in favor. I just had an hour to kill at a physician appointment and comment on the anti-Question 1 ad that preys on fears (“Closed beds! Billion dollar cost to hospitals! Cut staff! Longer wait times!” “Rigid government mandated ratios taking decisions on patient care away from nurses!” with shots of ambulance bays and flashing lights). Once people heard from a real nurse– and asked to speak to every other nurse they knew, they were very grateful. Ut makes a lot of sense– if your nurse is caring for four patients rather than 8 (plus supervising the LNPN and CNA pts), then the patients will see more of the nurse and benefit from nursing expertise and advocacy.
    I see Nursology as another tool in our public education box- if it’s only aimed at nurses, we’re preaching to the choir. Let’s do what we can to enter the public arena on this vital issue and others involving the public we serve.

    • I am also a nurse in MA, and would like to provide a response to the comment above.
      It is distressing that the idea of mandatory staffing ratios is as decisive to the nursing community as it is- we have seen this for decades when the idea was filed as a bill for the legislature, and we are seeing it now in a public campaign. It is easy to characterize the “NO” side as hospital executives, insurers, and others detached from patient care- but that simply is not true.
      I am a nurse who is passionate about high-quality patient-centered health care, AND I am passionate about nurse staffing. Few would argue that staffing in all hospitals is perfect, however, ballot question 1 is NOT the answer we are searching for. I am joined on the NO side by nurses across practice setting who are very distressed by this proposal, physicians, and other members of the health care team also agree- ballot question 1 will have many unintended consequences.
      Two recent reports describe anticipated impacts in behavioral health and emergency departments. The Massachusetts Association of Behavioral Health Systems (MABHS) found that mandated nurse staffing ratios, will lead to a loss of nearly 1000 behavioral health beds in the state. On the ED side, a white paper by the Emergency Nurses Association – Massachusetts Council (ENA) and the Massachusetts College of Emergency Physicians (MACEP) found that mandated nurse staffing ratios will prolong wait times in emergency departments causing delayed care for patients in need. These are professional groups who are analyzing the potential impact of ballot question 1 in their practice settings and voicing concerns as they process their findings. Even some of the most highly regarded researchers connecting nursing care with patient outcomes explicitly advise AGAINST mandatory staffing ratios- at all times- in all hospitals. As champions of nursing – and nursology, we must acknowledge the problems with this policy idea, and look for other ways to champion nursing in practice and policy.
      I am very excited about the launch of, it will be a wonderful tool to connect with colleagues and advance knowledge in our discipline. We must be clear about what problem we are trying to solve, and diligent when identifying alternatives to advance human health and nursing practice.

  4. Nurse to patient ration has been an issue for a very long time. Would look to California for how the process was guided and what is going on now.

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