Future Events

Each year there are a number of conferences and forums to address nursing knowledge development, and the ways in which nursing practice, education, research and policy can be guided by nursing theories and philosophies.  These events are generally designed to:
  • Acknowledge the importance of nursing theory and the knowledge of the discipline;
  • Address ways to communicate all dimensions of nursing knowledge for the future.
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A 50 Year Perspective – Cleveland, OH – March 21-22, 2019
6th National Nursing Ethics Conference, Los Angeles CA, March 20-22, 2019
The Institute of Humanbecoming – Pittsburgh, PA – May 28-30, 2019
International Association for Human Caring 40th Annual Conference – May 30 – June 2, 2019 Greenville, South Carolina,
Roy Adaptation Association International Workshops and Conference – June 7-8, 2019
Neuman Systems Model Biennial Symposium – Canton, Ohio, June 20-21, 2019
Sigma Theta Tau 30th International Nursing Research Congress – Theory to Practice – Calgary, Alberta, CA – July 25-19 2019
INANE International Academy of Nursing Editors) – Reno, Nevada, July 30 – August 1, 2019
45th Annual Conference Transcultural Nursing Society International – Richmond, VA – October 16-19, 2019
KING Conference- Washington, DC – November 14-16, 2019