Practice Exemplars

This section features exemplars of nursing theory-guided practice.  Exemplars include:

  • Organizations that use a nursing theoretical framework as the basis for their system-wide approach to practice,
  • Individual nurses who use nursing theory to guide their daily practice,
  • Programs designed for a specific population based on a nursing theory or model,
  • Tools used in practice that are designed on the basis of a nursing theory or model.


Avoiding the Theory-Practice Gap: A Roy Adaptation Model Perspective
Humanization Line: Cradle of shelter and promotion of reflective, ethical and aesthetic care, as an angular experience of Nursing practice. School of Nursing – Universidad del Valle Cali, Colombia
Self-Care Theory in Tanzania
Using Mandalas – An Holistic Approach to Practice
University Health System, San Antonio, Texas
Application of the Comprehensive Sexual Assault Assessment Tool (CSAAT)
 Department of Nursing; Gundersen Health System, Wisconsin, USA
 Holy Family Health Promotion: University Family Center
 US Air Force Professional Caring Practice Using Ray’s Theory of Bureaucratic Caring

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