Happy 5th Anniversary to Nursology.net!

September 18, 2018 was the date of the first blog post on Nursology.net, and since that date 5 years ago, we have published a blog every single Tuesday! We started with a few dozen subscribers — today we have 3,997 subscribers from all over the globe! In any one week, we average about 6,000 visitors!

Here are a few messages from members of the Nursology.net management team, reflecting what we believe to be the significance of the work we do to make this site possible!

Congratulations to Nursology.net! This critical website provides a central hub for those who are new, or experienced, in nursing philosophy and theory. I have been continually inspired and informed by many of the resources and blog postings over the past few years. Thanks to the many contributors and to the admin team for providing an excellent, and very necessary, nursing resource.

Jennifer M.L. Stephens, MA, PhD, RN, OCN, CCNE

I am overwhelmed and exceedingly pleased by the large number of persons from many countries who have accessed nursology.net during the past 5 years. It is especially gratifying to see how many nursologists from various countries who have contributed blogs and who have commented on blogs, and to all the nursologists who have contributed to to the Models and Theories Gallery.  Clearly, there already exists a substantial amount of nursology discipline-specific knowledge. I envision nursology.net evolving to include many more contributions to our Models and Theories Gallery and many, many more contributions to the Exemplars section of nursology.net. I would like to thank all the members of our management team for their steadfast commitment to nursology, with a special expression of gratitude to Peggy Chinn for all she does all the time to maintain nursology.net

Jacqueline Faxcett,  RN; PhD; ScD (hon); FAAN, ANEF 

It’s hard to believe Nursology.net is 5 years old, and yet it seems like this incredible nursing resource has been around for much longer. Personally, I’ve used Nursology.net to encourage doctoral students to become exposed to and learn about the variety of nursing theories that exist today. Nursology.net has been part of several student assignments; students have contributed blog posts; colleagues have gone to this resource to find a theory that could underpin their research or grant application; and I have found sources for publications within its pages. Every time someone accesses Nursology.net for the first time, they come away awed by this incredible repository of information and by the work of all these nurse theorists. Perhaps more important, though, they come to realize, or are reminded of, the important work that nurses have done, are doing, and will continue to do in the future. They develop an understanding of why nursing science matters and what nursing contributes to health care on a larger scale. Nursology.net is a nursing science home for established nurse scholars, those who are just getting started, those who don’t know any of this exists, and everyone in between. Nursology.net, in its own way, is a place where nurses can unite and celebrate our discipline’s meaning and value. In a time when nurses are struggling more than ever – at the bedside, in the classroom, and beyond – Nursology.net is a reminder that if nurses come together and use our collective voice for the good of our profession and the people we serve, there is nothing we cannot accomplish.

Jane K. Dickinson, RN, PhD, CDCES

The evolution of Nursology.net from an idea, to this 5 year anniversary, is indeed a dream come true! Those of us who have participated on the management team already had a history and knowledge of the realm of nursing theory and philosophy, but none of us would have imagined what we have discovered in bringing this website into reality. It is my hope that we will have many many more anniversaries, and that this amazing resource will continue to display, for nurses and many others around the world, the amazing realm that is the discipline of nursing! Thank you to our visitors and readers for assuring the success of Nursology.net. YOU are the real reason we do this work, and hope that at some time along the way, you will also contribute your ideas and visions for the future of nursing!

Peggy L. Chinn, RN, PhD, DSc(Hon), FAAN

8 thoughts on “Happy 5th Anniversary to Nursology.net!

  1. Congratulations, nursology.net, especially our leaders, Peggy and Jacqueline! 5 years of amazing effort toward an important mission: “to provide access to sentinel, contemporary, comprehensive, and authentic nursing knowledge development in order to facilitate advancement of nursing science and humanistic initiatives worldwide and across time”.

  2. Congratulations on your 5th anniversary of spotlighting theory and theory development in nursing! This is a valuable service to the entire profession and beyond.


  3. Congratulations, nursology.net!! 5 years of amazing progress toward an important mission: “to provide access to sentinel, contemporary, comprehensive, and authentic nursing knowledge development in order to facilitate advancement of nursing science and humanistic initiatives worldwide and across time”. Special appreciation to Peggy Chinn and Jacqueline Fawcett!

  4. Congratulations on your 5th anniversary!!!
    Thanks to all of you!!
    The shared knowledge supports us in reaching out to theory and theory development in nursing!
    It is hard work and a valuable service to the entire profession in the world.

  5. Dear Peggy and the Entire Management Team! Congratulations on five years of messaging we all need!

  6. Feliz Aniversario desde Colombia Latinoamerica, porque desde este blog seguimos fortaleciendo nuestra ciencia del cuidado!!!

    Happy Anniversary from Colombia Latin America, because from this blog we continue to strengthen our science of caring!!!


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